Deluxe Baby Lovely Playset

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Experience lifelike baby care with this Cute Blonde Baby Doll Playset, featuring 12 realistic sounds and a bundle of accessories for nurturing fun and imaginative play.

  • Cute Baby Doll: The doll is usually designed to look like a real baby, often with features like movable arms and legs, and sometimes with soft, lifelike skin.
  • Sounds: The doll may be equipped with a sound module that allows it to produce a variety of sounds, such as “mama,” “papa,” “hello,” “bye,” “snore,” “cry,” “laugh,” and more. This adds to the interactive and imaginative play experience.
  • Accessories: These playsets often include a range of accessories to help children take care of their baby doll. Some common accessories include:
    • Diapers: For changing the doll.
    • Feeding Set: This typically includes a bib, a bottle, and sometimes pretend baby food.
    • Potty: A miniature potty for pretend potty training.
    • Shower Set: Items like pretend baby powder and lotion for “bathing” the doll.
  • Dresses, specification and contents may vary from illustrations and images shown!
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and over

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