Polly Pocket Travel Pack

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Ready for an adventurous trip, Polly is dressed in a jacket, shorts and boots and can’t wait to see the attractions when she arrives!

  • The Polly Pocket is ready to go and you can hardly wait to see the most beautiful scenery
  • She has everything she needs to start her journey: a camera, headphones and a tablet to stay “connected”; a suitcase, a briefcase and a small handbag to carry everything that is essential; In addition to her locket as soon as she reaches her destination, Polly doll can recharge her energies with a delicious hot dog, a pretzel and go shopping too!
  • Take exciting, adventurous trips with Polly Pocket!
  • Contains: Polly, camera, headphones, ipad, locket, hotdog, pretzel, shopping bag, trunk, suitcase.

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