Buki Wizard Chemistry Set

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Activate the light effects and smoke and use the magic wands to surprise your audience. Reagents are included to help you complete the experiments successfully.

  • A scientific kit to make 30 magical experiments
  • The cauldron has 3 functions that will enable you to conduct the experiments: light effects, smoke and mixer (batteries not included)
  • Includes many accessories: magical wands, coloring, chemicals, spoons, safety goggles…
  • 30 experiments explained step by step in the illustrated booklet: slimy worms, magic paint, disappearing beetroot powder
  • Cauldron;1 pipette wand;1 spoon wand;1 beaker (100 ml);1 straw;1 white spoon (small);1 purple spoon (large);Safety goggles;1 piece of string; Egyptian salt (bicarbonate of soda) (40 g);Seaweed juice (sodium alginate) (100 ml);Chalk dust (calcium chloride) (10 g);Red phenol (1 g);Litmus blue (1 g);Griffin’s blood (red colorant) (5 ml);Instruction sheet in colour
  • Recommended age: 8 years +

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