3×3 Magic 3D Cube

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Perfect starter cube for anyone! A combination of math, art and science – the cube is here to challenge your mind. The 3×3 cube is the world’s best-known puzzle, fascinating fans since the 1980’s.


  • This 3×3 Cube 3D Puzzle is the perfect fidget cube for stress relief and brain teasing
  • Carry as an on-the-go travel game for both adults and kids 
  • Spin, Spin, Learn: The Cube features 6 colored sides, each made up of 9 squares. Once the sides move, you turn, turn, and turn the cube until each of the 6 sides has only 1 color
  • This anxiety toy pack isn’t just a fun brain teaser, this brain teaser toy is perfect for keeping your hands moving during stressful times like the classroom or the airport
  • Includes 1 Cube in a bag
  • Recommended for ages 8 years and over

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