Slimy Ever Foam Foodies & Goodies Scented Medium

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Slimy Ever Foam Foodies & Goodies Scented Medium is a delightful and sensory-rich playtime accessory that combines the fun of slime with the charm of food-themed scents. This medium-sized container holds a squishy and stretchy slime, offering hours of tactile enjoyment for users. The scents, inspired by various delectable treats, add an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience, making it a unique and engaging sensory play option for individuals of all ages.

  • Slime fun continues where it left off in its most colorful form!
  • Stretch it, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it as much as you can, nothing happens. Because it’s the best Slime ever!
  • Pull, squeeze, stretch! Thanks to its non-sticky and slimy structure, you can shape this stress-relieving slime into any shape you want. It’s all up to your imagination. Let’s see what extraordinary things you can do with Slime.
  • Once you start playing with it it will be very difficult to stop. If you can let it go, you can put it in its box and continue the gaming fun later where you left off. Moreover, these slimes in different colors can be washed and cleaned with water and they never dry out. Additionally, since slimes are scented, your games will become much more enjoyable.
  • It helps develop your children’s imagination, motor skills and creativity.
  • There are 4 different models: Cupcake, French Fries, Hamburger and Birthday Cake.

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