Plumber Pants

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Oh no…the plumber is fixing a clog under the sink and he’s getting pranked! His pants just might fall down…and that means everyone gets sprayed with water!



PRANK THE PLUMBER!: The Plumber Pants preschool game for kids ages 4 and up combines simple and silly gameplay with a fun surprise for all. Kids take turns loading the plumber’s toolbelt with tools; each tool added drops his pants a little further until they fall, giving a full view of his undies. The suspense grows as kids wait to see who’ll make the plumber’s pants fall down and cause water to spray 360 degrees around the sink. The only player not to make the plumber’s pants fall down – and spray their friends with water – wins the Plumber Pants game.

  • Includes Plumber Pants game unit, 2 side panels, top panel, plastic faucet piece, 10 plastic tools, toolbox, and instructions. For 2 or more players.
  • Ages 4 and up



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