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Strategize and connect in Four in a Row, where victory hinges on your moves and wits. Outsmart your opponent in this timeless classic!

  • Classical Vertical Challenge Game!
  • 4 in a Row: Be the first player to get 4 in a row- up, across or diagonally- but keep an eye on your opponent’s move
  • Setting up: Assemble unit as photograph. Choose your counters and stack them next to you.
  • Playing The Game: 
    • First player drops a counter in to the grid.
    • Keep taking turns dropping counters.
    • Watch to block your opponent as soon as they have 3 in a row, as their next move may win the game.
    • If your opponent blocks you, think of another move!
    • The first player to get 4 counters in a row- up, down, or diagonally is the winner!
  • Recommended number of players: 2 to 4 players
  • Recommended age: 6 years and over

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