Marvel Mech Strike: Captain America Strikeshot Shield

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In a dark universe, the villain Thanos pilots over the planets in the latest protective, high-tech Mech Strike Armor. To take on the Mad Titan, it’s up to the Avengers to suit up!

  • MECH STRIKE: The Avengers super heroes need the latest powerful weapons to defend against intergalactic attacks.
  • This Captain America Strikeshot Shield is engineered by the Avengers’ most brilliant minds.
  • COMES WITH NERF PROJECTILES: Kids can create epic battles while wearing this Captain America Strikeshot Shield.
  • Mech Strike one: activate!
  • Mech Strike two: fire NERF projectile, reload and repeat. Do it again!
  • EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MECHS: Worn on the hand, Captain America’s Strikeshot Shield expands and blasts NERF projectiles to battle enemies.
  • Armor activation is Earth’s last hope against seemingly insurmountable odds.
  • Recommended for ages 5 and over

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