Pop & Play Tube

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Play now with these tubes that are designed to last and withstand a ton of fidgeting, popping, stretching, pulling or bending, thanks to durable and flexible materials.

Each Sold Separately!

  • Each Sold Separately. Please specify if a specific colour is wanted.
  • Get creative with this innovative toy.
  • Pop, stretch, shape, twist, and wear one of these Pop & Play Tubes.
  • Enjoy the fun popping sound the tube can make when you stretch, or tap the tube.
  • The flexible material can even link to other tubes, as you twist them into fun new shapes. Come up with fascinating new designs.
  • You could even stretch each one into a bracelet to wear as you mix, match, and trade with friends.
  • Exciting toys for kids with special needs (autism, adhd, add). Awesome stress and anxiety relief toys.

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